Healing people, one cup at a time

Oh, you just cannot have the same cup of tea at different times during the day. This is a conversation we are having with Akshi Khandelwal Bhutani – the founder of Butterfly Ayurveda Tea. We are at the World Tea and Coffee Expo in Goregaon, Mumbai. The Butterfly stall, brightly lit and elegantly designed stands out. Why not,… Continue reading Healing people, one cup at a time

From Poland, with love

Monika Gorzna is from Poland. The country conjures images of winter and cold, of medieval castles and lakes, of gruff men and difficult to pronounce names. Monika on the other hand is warm and outgoing, soft spoken and articulate and shares our passion for tea.  And the name – well, RD Burman and Asha Bhosle… Continue reading From Poland, with love

Of Chef Rajendra Dhuri, his Dadi and Chai

At his Kandivali home in Mumbai, the alarm is always set for 4 am. Before it rings, Chef Rajendra Dhuri is out of bed. Fifty minutes and a ride on bus number 309 later, Chef Dhuri enters the Courtyard Marriott complex through the staff entrance. A quick Hi to the security team and he ducks into his… Continue reading Of Chef Rajendra Dhuri, his Dadi and Chai