Silver Linings

“There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in” ~ Leonard Cohen This week we travel to Kerala – virtually, of course.  We speak with Mr. Anil George at Harrisons Malayalam to understand how the tea sector is faring in God’s own country. For readers unfamiliar with Kerala – a bit of… Continue reading Silver Linings

Cafe Irani Chaii and the Badgir of Bombay

The suburb of Mahim in Mumbai is slowly rousing itself. An unseasonal bout of cold has meant a lazy start to the day.  In this suburb, just off the busy Lady Jamshedji Road, lies Café Irani Chaii. Outside the cafe lie strewn a few plastic chairs. On one of these chairs, casting watchful eyes on us,… Continue reading Cafe Irani Chaii and the Badgir of Bombay