Chai in Bhopal

It is a crowded evening at Chai34. Groups of youngsters come up to the counter, place their orders of Chai and take a seat on carved blocks of wood strewn outdoors. A cool November evening in Bhopal means that it would be late in the night by the time the throng eases and the café… Continue reading Chai in Bhopal

Pop goes the Bubble

You might spot Adnan Sarkar taking long slow strolls around his hotel at Hill Road in Bandra. He gets most of his ideas during these strolls. One of these ideas was launching Dr. Bubbles, a bubble tea cafe in Mumbai.  A genial giant with a continuously ticking brain, he complements the scientist imagery of the name,… Continue reading Pop goes the Bubble

Cafe Irani Chaii and the Badgir of Bombay

The suburb of Mahim in Mumbai is slowly rousing itself. An unseasonal bout of cold has meant a lazy start to the day.  In this suburb, just off the busy Lady Jamshedji Road, lies Café Irani Chaii. Outside the cafe lie strewn a few plastic chairs. On one of these chairs, casting watchful eyes on us,… Continue reading Cafe Irani Chaii and the Badgir of Bombay